Investing in Experience – Up to $4,400 in Grants Available Per Eligible* Employees
What is Investing in Experience – Skills Recognition & Training (IIE-SRT)?
Investing in Experience (Skills Recognition & Training) (IIE-SRT) is an Australian Government program which is providing $20 million over two years to support mature age workers (aged 50 years and over) to gain nationally recognised qualifications. It is designed to provide an opportunity for mature age workers to have their current capabilities recognised and to receive training to fill any knowledge or skills gaps.  
What Government Grants Are Available?
Under the IIE–SRT program, employers can apply for grants of up to $4,400 (incl. GST) to assist you to undertake a skills assessment and obtain gap training if the skills assessment identifies a needThe funding applies to both employees and the self employed, with these individuals needing to meet a number of eligibility criteria.

To be Eligible You Must
•    Be 50 years of age or older
•    Be currently employed and working 14 hours or more per week (or self employed);
•    Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
•    Wish to obtain formal qualifications relevant to your current or future employment
•    Not be from an Australian Government Department or agency
•    Not be an Apprentice or Trainee.

What Qualifications Can You Undertake
Qualifications from Certificate III through to Advanced Diploma are eligible for Investing in Experience Government Grants.  All of Upskilled’s courses are available with the exception of the Certificate II in Business and .  For a full list of Upskilled courses click here.

Next Steps
  1. Identify your course of interest
  2. Call 1300 009 924 or complete the enquiry form above
  3. An Upskilled Education Manager will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your options
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1/ Except in the case of small business owners and sole traders, Mature Age Workers cannot apply for IIE-SRT funding on their own behalf. All applications must be made by an employer and it is the employer who will ultimately receive the funding. 2/The Skills Assessment and any Gap Training must be relevant to the Mature Age Worker’s current or future employment 3/The Skills Assessment, RPL and any Gap Training must be conducted by an RTO 4/The Skills Assessment, RPL and any Gap Training must relate to a Nationally Recognised Qualification at the Certificate III to Advanced Diploma level. 5/In the case of Mature Age Workers who already have a qualification at the Certificate III to Advanced Diploma level, DIISRTE may approve training in an approved Skill Set from within a Nationally Endorsed Training Package 6/The Skills Assessment, RPL and any Gap Training must relate to the Mature Age Worker’s current or future employment. Eligibility for IIE-SRT Government Grants will be determined by the Federal Government. Upskilled is an RTO: 40374
More information about Investing in Experience can be found here

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